Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another pic of the classic "Sweedos"

Back in November we showed you the very popular Sweedos. Here is another pic from the same night. Thanks to for the pic. In Sweden's defense, is a Danish site. I wish it wasn't since I'm of 1/8th Danish heritage :(


  1. Oh this reminds me of when I went to Scandinavia in 85. I stupidly saw they had a tanning bed at the hotel so got up and tanned one morning before my tour left. About noon one of the ladies asked if I was sick. I thought no why......oh was I burned. I owned a tanning salon at the time and was used to tanning beds but Scandinavian tanning beds are something else. I ended up coating everything in petroleum jelly and vitamin e oil trying to not look like well done steak. I was at least moist well done steak......hence the shine on this guy

  2. This is so not human-alike... I can't even believe this is possible!

  3. Im swedish and Im sad to inform you that.. that is so true... that is actually how swedish guys look when they think they are hot >.<