Thursday, April 29, 2010

Reader submission: Just a bit of blotchy bronzer

The reader says:
Hello E.O.

My naturally this brown and not to be mocked. She deliberately had this pic taken with this guy to show how ridiculous his fake tan was compared to her real one! She tried hard not to laugh at him in this pic. He seems to think he's a babe magnet and needs his arrogance and tan bringing down a few notches!


p.s. i realize this guy isn't even in the same league as some of the others but any special occasion or ball and ppl will smear on the mucky fake tan!
Sadly, my skin must have looked like this guy's back around 2002 when I applied bronzer. It gives you this blotchy, unnatural, unhealthy look on your face. When I stopped putting that crap on my face I remember these two girls saying, "wow, what did you do? You look good! Whatever you're doing, keep doing it!" The only thing I had changed was that I stopped bronzing. Do less and look better, awesome!


  1. I'm not sure what's worse.....the stupid jersey kissy face pose or the tanned douche next to her. Your thoughts?

  2. he has a funny tan, but looks quite nice and sweet. you girls are a touch mean.

  3. that is a straight guy? no way!!!