Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Jersey mom charged for burning 5 year old daughter in tanning booth

People have been blowing up my email all day with this story. Check out the videos!

You'd think this woman would want to cut back on her tan for her court and TV appearances instead of looking like she just visited the planet Mercury so that people would believe it's a misunderstanding....

It's funny how I'll get a few comments here and there from idiots saying that I just have different taste in what's attractive and what's not. LOL. As if lots of people would find this tanning-addicted woman here attractive in her baked potato state. These same idiots also ignore the harm caused by tanning beds, such as deadly skin cancer.

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Some more new Brazilian Synthol Guy pics!

Vae Solis, you're the man! Thanks for pointing me to the forum where I got all these pics!

Back by popular demand: one more unseen pic of the Brazilian Synthol Guy

The original post of this Brazilian guy can be found here: Don't worry, this is a dude. It's one of the most popular posts on the site! In the last few days web traffic from Brazil, Finland, and the UK has generated some record numbers here. :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

:-/ mehhhhh plus Halloween tanning bed prank scare

There have been people found dead in tanning beds, but it wasn't because they were fried to death like the urban legends would suggest. For instance, check out this real news story: Woman found dead in her home tanning bed by her boyfriend

The tanning bed will give you a much slower death via skin cancer ;-(

Monday, April 9, 2012

Facebook pic fail/comment win

Bronzer on the face not matching the rest of the body is one of the most common fake tanning mistakes.

Funny enough, in other parts of the world, people use whiteners instead of bronzers. Check out this article: Skin Brighteners Find a Welcome. It's a matter of perception of what's attractive and what's not. It's easiest just to go au naturel.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

And now for some more celebrity tanning fails

Celebrities are people just like you and me and make mistakes just like everyone else. Included in this list are George Hamilton, designer Valentino, Sheryl Crow, Paris Hilton, Christina Aguilera, Snooki, Lindsay Lohan, and Amy Winehouse. Hands and feet are usually the most difficult parts of the body to do a decent job with with a spray tan, as shown by Amy Winehouse's hand.

Many celebrities reside in California, and California is the leader in melanoma in the country. Source: "Dermatologist shortage can delay diagnosing skin cancer". George Hamilton better be getting regular check ups at the dermatologist because his skin looks fried. Quite a few male coworkers of mine here in Los Angeles, ages 50 and older, have had to get chunks of skin cut or frozen off of their faces because of years of being in the California sun without sunblock. Some of the scars are pretty bad.

Here is a good excerpt from the article "FDA issues new rules for sunscreen labeling":

"An estimated 3.5 million Americans develop skin cancer each year, Moy said. Basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma are readily curable if detected early, but melanoma that has spread throughout the body is exceptionally difficult to treat and generally proves fatal, he said. "Every hour, an American dies of melanoma," he said.

All types of skin cancers are increasing in young people, especially females, he noted. Researchers attribute that to the propensity of young women to bask in the sun and to use dangerous indoor tanning beds."

America is the land of the free, so if you want, you can go prematurely age your skin and increase your chances of skin cancer by going tanning. Or, you can turn yourself a weird blotchy orange color by going spray tanning. Or, you can save your money and just look natural. To quote the Hodge Twins...."But hey man, it's just advice. At the end of the day, you can do whatever the FUC/< you wanna do!"

Sunday, March 4, 2012

I'm back before you had a chance to miss me

My momma can't save you this time, orangies is history!
Speaking of moms, WTF is with this one? Looks like she smeared those chocolate treats all over her body. Winter coats and pale offspring don't go with a dark chocolate tan.

I haven't updated in a long time. Part of it is that I haven't come across as much good content for the blog. However, mainly it's because I've been doing other stuff, like bodybuilding, watching UFC/MMA, pointing out religious insanity on Twitter, etc.

While I was gone, California took a big step and banned tanning beds for minors (under 18). I used to go to tanning beds from ages 16 to about 22. I'm now suffering for it by having to get questionable moles cut out of my body before they turn cancerous. With that said, I now have many nasty scars on my body from where the skin was cut out. Some of them have turned into keyloid or hypertrophic scars (in other words, big scars), and I've had to get them injected with cortisone to shrink them. I also rub silicon gel on them to smooth them. The point is, if I had known back then as a teenager that because of tanning and sunburns that I'd have all these gnarly scars on my body, I certainly wouldn't have went tanning at all. Maybe I'll post pictures as a warning to people. Until next time! Laterzzzzzzz

He's going the distance

This guy is ruthless and determined. He doesn't care that the girl is made out of copper, he's gonna go for it.
Thanks to the forum at for the pic.