Sunday, April 12, 2009

So very orange

At least he got some of the insides of his ears. Can you believe this guy is a famous public relations "expert"? He should know he shouldn't be seen out in public like that.

Her skin looks like gravy after you let it sit for a while

This picture has been floating around on the internet for a long time.
Malignant melanoma is very deadly :(

Nice eyebrows

If I had all the time in the world, I'd make a "bad eyebrows" blog too. The girl sitting behind this Gotti boys wannabe accentuates this douche's unnatural hue.

Did she eat two kilograms of beta carotene?

From wikipedia: Carotenoderma (also carotenodermia or carotenosis) is the name given to the yellow to yellow-orange discoloration of the skin that is caused by increased serum carotenoids (carotenemia) and their subsequent deposition in the outermost layer of skin[1].

Anne Hathaway and Italian designer Valentino
Anne Hathaway is a hottie with good skin. She's always pretty pale unlike this bronzer maniac.

Another orange girl/normal girl comparison

Complete with kissy face

Orange is the new white? No....


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Orange Douche Collage

Click on the picture to enlarge it.
I love how normal people contrast the orange tinted people in the photos. For the guidos at the bottom, you'd think that someone, like their friends or their dates, would tell them "Seriously, what's with all the bronzer? You look ridiculous. Re-donk-u-lous. Re-donkey-lips. Wash it off."

Euro kids are back - same vacant stare, same bad bronze job

These guys must get hella ring around the collar.

Kill It With Fire

Did she rub copper dust all over her face? This is what happens when you're looking at only your face in the mirror and don't take a step back to look at the complete picture. Thanks to for the pic.

Very natural tree bark.

This girl is very nautral tree bark. She actually looks like she would be pretty if she didn't fall asleep on a deck when a coat of Rustin's Wood Stain was being applied. Once again thanks to for the pic.
Nice Leathery Hide

Paint Your Face Euro Kids

Thanks to for the pic. I like how you can see the total contrast of white skin to orange bronzer at the hairline of the guy in middle. The fat guy on the left has his head touching the middle kid's face.....GROSS!

Bronzer Monster Kicks Things Off

Wow, no better way to start off the blog than with this creature from the Chicago club scene. Yikes! I'd be surprised if she was originally from Chicago; she's most likely from eastern Europe and now resides in Chi-Town. Unbelieveably that guy in the pic is putting his face up against hers. You better wash your face with a paint remover afterwards buddy. Thanks to for the pic.