Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Reader submission: She matched her face to her dress, but not her arm

Our reader says:
WTF!? I thought this was a drag queen. Unfortunately, its not.
P.s. look at her face compared to her arm..Hahaha!
In site news, I've begun the laborious process of putting a mundane watermark on most of the pics on this site. I should have done this from the get go, but then again I never expected this site to get popular. Basically I got tired of seeing other sites out there jack my entire site's contents with no credit whatsoever, including pics that were 100% original to PaleIsTheNewTan.com. Some go as far as cutting out the original pic's watermark and putting their own over it. Disgraceful. Yeah German site and unoriginal fail clone, I'm talking about you (Thanks to Emily from theberry.com for pointing this out).
I always try to give credit where credit is due, so if I'm missing an appropriate source link to a picture, please let me know. Laterz

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