Saturday, April 17, 2010

Reader submission: Sweden's Paris Hilton?

The pics are from the girl's blog at Her name is Alexandra Nilsson and her blog can pretty much be summed up as "pure vanity", as she documents her cosmetic procedures, clothing purchases, tanning, etc. Her tan can be described as "wearing goggles in a sandstorm".
Thanks to Linnea for sending me this way back in December.


  1. I bet her face feels gritty. Just thinkin'.

    Why does a 19 year old need to get botox?

  2. Well, Kate, I hear botox is good for migraines.

  3. Ah - about time this ... thing (?) is showed here..

    Personally I read her blog just for the laughs... Apparently she's "acting" and she causes a whole lot of commotion.. A dumb blond (brunette nowadays) who really doesn't know when enough is enough...

  4. She looks like one of the wayans bros in White Chicks.

  5. Yeah, this one is probably the most annoying one up here in Sweden, since she actually gets attention from the newspapers for some reason. A really lovely role model for the few young girls who takes her words as wisdom.