Thursday, April 15, 2010

Reader submission: Chicago sures know how to tan ridiculously

These kids must wonder why she is so much darker than them...
Back when I left frigid Chicago in 2005 a certain tanning chain was buying up most of the tanning salons in Chicagoland and trying to drive out the competition with low prices. Sadly, I remember walking about 1.5 miles each way to go to this one tanning salon in the Loop to get a spray tan (not many places in the Chicago Loop had spray tan booths at that time). In the hot and humid Chicago summer, as I walked back to work, my sweat caused the spray tan to streak down my body and discolor my shirt. My back looked like it had been splashed with mud. Because that whole situation sucked, plus it's too cold in the winter to walk that far, I then started driving to one of the chain's stores in Wicker Park. Every time I went I had to search high and low for parking. Of course the spray tan wears off in about 5 days so I'd then have to do it all over again. God what a nightmare, I'm so glad I don't tan anymore.

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