Friday, April 16, 2010

Sun burns are bad, mmmKay?

Thanks to, formerly known as, for the pics. The site op Emily is very nice. It's a great site, check it out!

I decided to put up some real tans: bad tan lines and sunburns. This is to commemorate the shady mole I had cut out of my left calf on Wednesday that could have possibly turned into melanoma in the future. See for yourself:
Don't forget the sunblock. And finally in site news, I put up a RSS feed "Subscribe To" widget on the top right of the page. Anonymous comments are now allowed, but will still be moderated. TTYL! :D


  1. wow some of those look positively painful.....even on someone else.

  2. Man, they're in for a time in the future. My mom, who's 67, just had a Basal Cell cancer removed from just under her eyebrow. It took about four hours. She also bruises super easy and it takes just the slightest bump to cause cuts that bleed profusely - and the doctors all agree, it's from too much sun exposure as a child.

    One of her friends had skin cancer that went to her lymph nodes 20 years ago. Just recently in the exact same place the cancerous mole was, it bubbled up like a blister. The doctors looked, the cancer is now in her lungs.