Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Reader submission: A user of the drug Melanotan

Thanks to Martin for the submission. I'll let his email do the explaining:

Love your blog. Cracks me up how ridiculous these people are!

Have you heard about the drug melanotan? Not sure about the history of it, but there are loads of people buying it online from Chinese labs and injecting themselves with it EVERY friggin day. Apparently it increases melanin development in the skin, but some people take it to extremes and use sunbeds and lotions and sh*t as well as the injection. There's a German dude in these forums at http://www.melanotan.org who has decided he wants to be black, but wound up just looking ridiculous. I've attached a before and after pic that someone in there made of him, but if you go here http://melanotan.org/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?num=1215790696/0 and click through, you'll see the progress. Run it through google translate if you want to read it, but its mostly stupid crap.

This guy makes youtube videos and stuff as well... I just think he looks a failed Bill Cosby clone.

Anyway, enjoy! And if you're ever light on material, the guys in that forum are MAD.


I first heard about Melanotan years ago when I was trying to find a better solution to spray tanning and real sun based tanning. One of the people on the Melanotan.org forum was a woman who clearly injected anabolic steroids as well as Melanotan. She wasn't nearly as tan as this freak though. It's been on my to-do list for a while to scour this Melanotan forum, and with gems like this guy (Thanks again Martin), it looks like I need to get moving!


  1. is that really tan though? Im black and he couldnt pass for a black guy, maybe they should make a new color for the in betweens like leather or something. Im dumbfounded as to why there's an injectable drug for this!!! can we please stop the madness?

    1. Everybody wants to be Black, but NOBODY wants to be Black.

    2. I hope that he is not trying to LOOK Black, East Indian maybe, but certainly not Black. I also hope for his sake that there is no LONG range bad effects and there probably is.

  2. Nice post EO... what a freak.

    Melanotan isn't a real drug though, it's stuff they sell on a grey/black market but it's never been approved. Martin suggested they make it in Chinese labs. Not sure about that, but it's certainly not something you'd get at a chemist.

    The FDA has shut down a few websites selling it becuase it's illegal to sell (http://www.fda.gov/ICECI/EnforcementActions/WarningLetters/ucm152426.htm).

    Melanotan.org appears to be full of tanning junkies, I don't think anyone with a real medical condition would use something like this would they?


  3. Pathetic narcissist.

  4. ty kurwa pojebany jestes bez kitu,

  5. Awesome.I need to use this stuff in a tanning bed but cover myself in dolphin and playboy bunny stickers. That would be soooo dope.

  6. Ironic. The opposite happens all the time, people bleach their skin with peroxide to look lighter.
    This product was developed to stop skin cancer, I'm open to a product that stops skin cancer.

    1. welp... bad news: recent studies prove Melanotan may be VERY related to melanoma development (skin cancer). Once again, there is no safe way to darken your skin. Personally, i think they had it coming and Darwin would call it natural selection.
      What you call "opposite of that" (skin bleaching) is a result of centuries of opression but luckily not as harmful, if it was, i'm sure black people wouldn't do it.