Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another pic from the board

What the hell is going on with these people?! They're going to give Melanotan a bad name. Check out for more info.


  1. Might I suggest that you link to the threads where you are finding these images? That way others can gain a more in depth perspective of these individuals' motivations. Also, you are highlighting (and thereby sensationalizing) an extremely small percentage << 1% of individuals who take their regimen to extraordinary levels. The overwhelming majority of those using one of the peptides do not go to such extremes.

    melanotan & afamelanotide

  2. Um, that's the POINT of this blog, to make fun of idiots who make themselves way too dark. Especially since tans are ugly and known to cause skin cancer. So why don't you STFU?

  3. JamiSings were you the one who taught that other singing sensation katiesinger123 how to belt out the tunes?

    kesha tik tok (cover)

    With her appearance and style she really takes after you! Good on you!

  4. Hehe. JamiSings, judging by your ghostly white sickly appearance you could do for a bit of coloration! But on the other hand I guess that would ruin that Moby Dick look you've got going on there. :-)

  5. "Also, you are highlighting (and thereby sensationalizing) an extremely small percentage << 1% of individuals who take their regimen to extraordinary levels."

    You're kidding right? All the people using melanotan are injecting stuff sold illegally on the internet into their bodies for a tan... That's an extreme level, regardless of how dark they go or how much they use.

  6. @mathew, since you mention the word "illegal" and internet let me explain to you how legal sales transactions are conducted online.

    1. It is legal to export the peptides from a number of countries. (In the United States in particular these peptides are legal for export because they are not controlled substances.)
    2. Depending upon the country and amount it is legal to import the peptides in a number of jurisdictions. (Legal in the UK, United States, and Australia in particular due to the peptides not being controlled substances).

    So let's say a person in the UK orders from a company in the United States. The company legally exports the peptide from the U.S. and the person legally imports the peptide from the U.S. no laws have been broken anywhere in this transaction.

    Adults should have the right to have control over their bodies when it comes to the usage of supplements and/or substances that are not controlled (meaning substances that are not inherently illegal to use). This is why currently the above transaction is legal.

    Given these facts to blanket describe sales and purchasing activity with respect to these peptides as "illegal" is false.

  7. I've done some research, because you raise an interesting point and one well worth discussing, but I have to disagree with you.

    It's clear that, at some point, these products are illegal:
    "FDA Issues Warning Letter to Melanocorp, Inc. For Illegal Sale of Melanotan II"

    I'm not questioning the legality of their use, but of their sale.

    What you describe above is import and export, but not sale, which is what I've clearly highlighted.

    Yes, adults should be able to do what they like, within the law. If you're stupid enough to "import" a white powder you found on the internet and inject it for a tan, good luck to you, but clearly their sale for human use is illegal.

    These things are unlicensed drugs, you've said so yourself here:
    I'd go so far as to say you suggest that they're dangerous, or at least could be?

    What's your interest here, apart from running a site?

  8. Some of you obviously miss the point of this blog.

    Reason I don't go tan is because -

    1: It looks stupid. No one really looks good with a tan.

    2: Skin cancer actually runs in my family. My paternal grandma died of a brain tumor they believe started as skin cancer. My dad has had many cancerous moles removed. My mom just had several cancerous moles removed. Why the heck would I take any chances with that family history?

    And I stand by what I said, the melotan people need to STFU because the users of their product look like crap.

  9. HAHA!! That is by far the worst tan I have seen!! WTF is this shit she using!??!!?? Avoid it at all cost or look like this freak hahaha!!!

  10. @mathew, you are erroneous in your statement "these products are illegal". There is nothing inherently illegal about the melanotan peptides.

    Any company selling these peptides for human usage within the jurisdiction of the United States will be breaking the law as that company warned by the FDA was doing (the act of selling for human usage is what is illegal). It is perfectly legal for companies to sell the peptides for non-human usage (again because they are not controlled substances). Do some further research and go to established laboratories like Sigma-Aldrich or Tocris and search on the word "melanotan" and you will find these peptides ready to order with no need for a permit or other government oversight.

    In terms of import and export, do you think a company in the United States is going to legally export one of the peptides to an individual legally importing it to United Kingdom if a sale has not been made? Sales for export is 100% legal.

    If you're going to talk about the legalities surrounding these peptides then at least do the research to know what you are talking about rather than spouting off ignorant nonsense.

    My interest is in spreading accurate and factual knowledge relative to these melanocortin peptides. Unfortunately individuals like yourself have a way of spreading inaccuracies and outright falsehoods. I do not sell nor have I ever sold the peptides. It is my view that usage of the melanocortin peptides (including the melanotan peptides) holds great promise to benefit mankind medicinally or otherwise.
    As far as wether or not the melanotan peptides themselves are dangerous, none of the invitro and invivo studies on both animals and humans going back to the 1980s has shown any deleterious effects beyond some minor side effects experienced shortly after administration. Obviously one cannot compare the highly controlled and fully licensed and regulated usage of these peptides in scientific studies to usage of unlicensed and unregulated substances which will tend to have issues surrounding possible adulteration and/or counterfeiting.

  11. The site you claim to represent is devoted almost solely to the use of the melanotan sold online, illegally, for human use. Nobody's publishing medical papers there on peptides they bought for lab tests.

    I'm not disputing the legalities of importing or exporting these things, but the basic fact is that people are being sold "melanotan" online as a tanning drug, which is illegal. You seem to facilitate these sellers on your site, discussing their products with the tanning junkies.

    As far as 'factual' knowledge is concerned, I believe it is a noble cause. Yet, I'm not sure if this can really be the case if, as you suggest, melanotan is not produced to the same standards as the clinical studies, it is probably impossible to compare them. Have you ever had a lab test 'melanotan' for impurities?