Saturday, March 20, 2010

Reader submission: Gypsy wedding tans

Check out the girl on our right next to the red head.
The source article on tacky and over the top gypsy weddings can be found at
My mom used to tell me about how 35 years ago the gypsies would come into her fabric store every month and steal tons of stuff. There would be so many Gypsies in there at once that the employees couldn't stop them all from stealing. Based on the custom wedding gowns in these pictures, it looks like they are still using that fabric. I'm passive-aggressively posting this story on my blog so that my mom can have her revenge!
Thanks to Sharon for the submission!


  1. There are many gipsies here in Spain, and my friends' (and mine!) goal in life is attending a gypsy wedding, apparently they go on for days and get really crazy.

    If you click on the link, you'll see Spanish flamenco gypsy singer Farruquito with his bride right after their wedding... the event filled pages and pages of gossip magazines, non-gypsy Spaniards couldn't believe our eyes.

  2. i'm unsure where to send you a submission, so here:

    another celebrity tanning "enthusiast"

  3. gingers dont have souls...and aparently they dont have taste either