Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More pics of the German Melanotan user

It's weird that his head and neck are so much darker than his arms. Either he's supplementing his Melanotan injections with lotions on only his face, tanning only his face, or the Melanotan just absorbs extra well in his face...Or perhaps Melanotan works more strongly around the area that you inject it in?...but that would be super hardcore to inject around your head area...I dunno.
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  1. The melanotan peptides stimulate our skin's pigment cells (called melanocytes) to produce melanin. For some reason the melanocytes found in skin that is more regularly exposed (throughout our lives) to sunlight/UV light respond more readily to the effects of the peptides.

    There's some interesting articles about these peptides that you might liek to read:
    Wired: Suntan Drug Greenlighted for Trials
    FitnessRX : Melanotan II: The New Underground Tanning Drug

    melanotan & afamelanotide

  2. Perhaps the drug allows you to tan under moderate lighting conditions; and his face and neck are almost always exposed to some amount of light, while his arms are often covered.

  3. Oh one more thing: wolffi007 used melanotan II in darkening his skin.

    Search the word "melanotan" on Youtube and find videos about these two drugs as well.


  4. Hahahaha that is so f@#ked up!!! These pics are awesome! keep them coming. What a bunch of freaks.

    I have a whole office of people behind me all with gapping mouths miming "WTF!!!!!"

  5. There's some significant news relative to these two drugs:

    melanotan-1 (afamelanotide / Scenesse) has been approved to as a drug to develop photoprotective pigmentation in those afflicted with the orphan disease erythropoietic protoporphyria. This stimulated pigmentation creates a barrier to block the light rays that cause the painful photosensitivity that these folks experience from the affliction. This is potentially a big first step to making this drug generally available. Here is the news of this development. more info: melanotan-1 Scenesse


  6. Isn't he's already dark enough to tan? and how did he found it cool? it's not cool, he should know how to use tanning products equally.

  7. He is a lot darker in his face because there is more melanocyte present in areas such as the face, abdominal region and interestingly enough...the genitals. So instead of having blue balls you can have brown balls. LOL!

  8. Melanotan goes systemic, not local. Melanocytes and melanin and interesting and unique to us all!