Sunday, January 17, 2010

There's a lot of things wrong with this picture....

WTF?! Thanks to for the pic


  1. Haha that guys real he was history teacher at college!

  2. Male-pattern-baldness strikes women too, u know.

    Look it up.

    My dad was sort of like that lady, every summer he was always very active, hardly stayed inside at all. By the end of summer his skin was always so brown he could and was mistaken for someone that grew up in the Carribean or something. After being inside all winter his skin was almost cracker-white by spring. All the Irish blood in the family, I suspect. As the years went by his skin stayed in pretty good condition actually.

    Myself, I'm Celtic "cracker white" all the time and my skin *will not* tan, it just freckles burns and peels.

    And yea, he had receding hair, but not NEARLY as bad as this poor old lady. Back to me and my bad genes-I started with the receding hairline thing whilst attending uni. Most of mom's side of family were turning gray in high school.
    Think most folk's hide is odd in one way or another, so they end up getting spray tans or paying to lay under UV cancer-lights. I'll keep my Celtic "cracka" skin and let folks like this lady wast money on Senior Citz tours where hopefully she stays around others her age rather than laying out like that in public and frightening people! lmao

  3. i can't tell what that is. no really its man face and man feet but there are boobs. wtf am i looking at!?

  4. I agree there are a few things wrong. That bikini top for a start doesn't match the bottoms ;-)