Sunday, January 10, 2010

Spray tan foot fail

When I used to spray tan (yes, sadly I used to spray tan), getting the hands and feet to look natural was very difficult. I would put the barrier cream all over my hands, feet, and nails, but my nails and toenails would be stained brown. It looked like I had dirty toenails that I never cleaned. There was no getting the brown out of the nails either, you had to wait till they grew out.
Thanks to for the pic.


  1. The best way to protect nails from staining with spray tanning solution is to paint them with nail polish. Clear nail polish is fine, and make sure that you put a little smudge under the tip of the nail as well, so it does not get discolored. When it comes to feet getting brown, there are things called "sticky feet", which will protect your soles. You can also just use few strips of wide sticky packaging tape which you cut to the length of your foot, stick to your soles, and when you finished spray tanning and drying simply peel off.
    Voila! no more brown soles.

  2. This is fantastic...I do this all the time on my soles