Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"My Strange Addiction" - Two Tanorexics

The new show "My Strange Addiction" on TLC is pretty entertaining. It has already featured two people addicted to tanning. The one girl talks about how she tans three times a day and once tanned so much that her back bled! How horrific. Check it out yo.


  1. oh, man...oh,man....
    I´m afraid, these gorgeous but completly dumb -fucked girls really believe they look hot & beautiful .
    tse tse tse.....they look ridiculous and laughable like a caricature or a clown.
    The hair is too blond - the skin is too tan - the lips are too red- the teeth are too white and so on !
    If that is ' up to date ' I say :
    it has never been cooler to be uncool and out of fashion than these days !

  2. I am disturbed by the judgment being passed on these girls. They are misguided, but not "stupid." Instead, it is very likely that they suffer from Body Dysmorphic Disorder. It is NOT rational. At least one person documented with this disorder believes his head was square and he could not wear hats because they would not fit over the edges of his head.

    So to reiterate, excessive tanning is not always youthful indiscretion/immortality, having wrong values, or thinking "tanner is better," any more than smokers believe that smoking is good for you. That is why it is considered an "addiction."