Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year, Blow-Up-Doll-Lips!

Her copper hue, which certainly isn't the worst on this site, is overshadowed by her aberrant blow-up doll lips. Funny how she holds them out like that.
Thanks to for the pics.


  1. I am in physical pain from laughing so hard. Not so much *AT* this poor lady, for her I felt honest pity. Then you had the audacity to throw down DISTENDED-LIPS-LOL.JPG and the blowup doll picture, and I completely lost my shit. Howling screaming laughter. You practically deserve to be paid for the phat endorphin hit I just got.

    Clicking all of your ads now. :-D

  2. BAHAHAHA! When I scrolled down and this came on the screen, I actually

  3. I love the Egyptian eyeliner with the overdone lips. It is reminiscent of the transformation of a housewife, from flat chested and conservative, to plumped up and tatted out sex slave for a former female burglar, in a short story by Nick Vegas on the erotic mind control archive website. The hapless housewife and business owner, accidentally interrupts a statuesque young woman from the hood casing her house. The housewife is hypnotized and taken over by the would be thief, who instead moves in, claims ownership, and makes the housewife her personal foot slave. "Weird day walking the dog"title