Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sweet and Sour

Man I love Chinese food...
I got the pic and the title from


  1. I cannot understand women's glorification of the tan. Women are "the fairer sex": all else being equal, female skin is naturally paler than male skin. Frankly, darkened skin is a masculine feature.

    No woman in her right mind would voluntarily get a moustache or deepen her voice; so why seek male-typical skin?

    (Paradoxically though, the orange girl may gather more male attention than the beautifully pale girl, because the aesthetic confusion signals easiness.)

  2. The girl on the right looks an awful lot like actress Amber Tamblyn:

  3. Dude the girl on the right is freaking gorgeous.
    I'm a pale girl, long ago, I used to try to get darker, but then I found out that I'm kind of high-risk for cancer and disease. I've come to love the skin I've been blessed with; I don't need to go fry in a tanning bed to feel beautiful. :D

    If you're naturally dark, good for you, you look good that way, but if you aren't- why are you trying so hard to be?