Sunday, May 23, 2010

My tanning haiku

Her orange panda eyes
From the background they stare out
She thinks of tanning


  1. As she takes a drink
    Her other hand on stomach
    She hungers for tan

  2. The tan is of course horrible but it's reinforced by something I've noticed on other pictures: that the ladies seem to think it's ok to use a concealer for dark eye circles that is four or five shades lighter than their current skin "tone"... add that to the fact that many concealers reflect light, and thus look lighter with flash photography, and voilá panda eyes. Bizarre.

  3. That doesn't even actually look like a lady. Look closer.

  4. eeewww don't they have mirrors? have they seen themselves?

  5. Unfortunate tan
    You're taking over my life
    I am now a freak