Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another great reader submission - Midwest winter tan

The reader says:
Nobody is this tan in INDIANAPOLIS in the middle of winter.
PLEASE. Its 13 degrees here!
Thats just trashy.
I like how the white stripes of the stuffed animal contrast her overly tanned skin.


  1. I live in Michigan and I can agree with this. It's stupid to be that tan when there is clearly snow on the ground. If you ask most guys around here they prefer natural skin color or very light tan in the winter verses way overly fake baked. It's so un-natural and makes you look STUPID!

  2. That striped animal she's hugging is one of those "PINK" dogs they have all around Victoria's Secret. It makes sense, girls that think they look hot with orange skin generally think they look classy in day-glo sweatpants with "PINK" on the ass.