Saturday, December 5, 2009

Orange mother inspires daughter to severely burn her body

Girl, 10, suffers burns on 70% of her body after 16 minutes in coin-operated tanning booth
The orange and hypocritical mother has the nerve to say the following:
Yesterday, her mother demanded a ban on unsupervised coin-operated sunbeds.

Sharon Hannaford, 34, added: 'These sunbeds are very high powered and there is nobody there to prevent a youngster going in and doing this. I want them shut down.'
It's very sad that her mother is setting the example to be orange and cancerous.

Funny comments from the forum about the mother/daughter article:
SparklingSam says: "I wonder why she wanted to use a tanning booth"
Heist9000 says: "How much irony can one family possibly 'radiate' ?"

Speaking of cancer from tanning, here's a quote from the October 12th, 2009 issue of Time magazine:
In July, the cancer-research wing of the World Health Organization (WHO) added tanning beds and sunlamps to its list of human-cancer-causing agents. "The risk of cutaneous melanoma is increased by 75% when use of tanning devices starts before 30 years of age," reads a statement on the WHO website.

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  1. My favorites are all the people saying how she shouldn't be out alone at her age, which is true. Obviously mom needs to remember things like PEDOPHILES who'd happily do a LOT worse to her daughter then a tanning bed could!

    Maybe all that fake bake has fried mom's only 2 brain cells.