Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Did he fall into a septic tank while wearing a body suit?

How is his uncooked turkey torso that white? And what's with the brown spots on his chest? If someone knows the back story to this, please let me know.
Thanks to break.com for the pic.


  1. His torso looks like it's made of flour tortilla.


  2. i believe that is michael rasmussen the world class cyclist, the tan lines are due to him cycling 6 hours a day with a lycra top on.

  3. beinajmu is right, that's Michael Rasmussen who used to cycle for the Dutch team Rabobank until he was disqualified and banned for two years for repeatedly avoiding drugs tests during the 2007 Tour De France. The tan lines would be due to his being naturally pasty, yet cycling in hot weather for hours on end. Cyclists are usually skinny as they have a really low body fat percentage, but Rasumussen is a particularly creepy example - and unfortunately the moles are just a natural addition to his pigeon chest.