Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Boy band B4-4 members are orange and aberrant looking

I first saw this video on a few months ago. A couple people have emailed me to put it on the site (thanks Mike O & Mike K), so here it is.

Mike K describes the video well:
"hey man, i love the site. nothing funnier than orange people.
Below i linked a youtube video you should post. Its some Canadian boy band back in the late90s/early00s that are quite orange-ified. Whats also funny is the lyrics to the song is about giving and getting oral sex while the music video plot is inappropriately about a young black boy who watches these orange men through a magical viewfinder where all his dreams come true. check it out!"

Other things I like about this video:
1. How the bum hits up the little kid for money at the beginning.
2. How the boy band, with their scary sculpted eyebrows, swarms around the camera all insane-like
3. How when the kid busts out his pathetic front double bicep pose that the girls turn into raging pedos and run after him.

Sadly I knew about B4-4 years ago because they actually had a pretty good song, that is, if you're into wussy love songs that won't help you get girls: Endlessly.


  1. Wasn't the movie big about female pedophiles? Poor kid. I bet he's still in therapy over this.

  2. That is just wrong...