Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year, Blow-Up-Doll-Lips!

Her copper hue, which certainly isn't the worst on this site, is overshadowed by her aberrant blow-up doll lips. Funny how she holds them out like that.
Thanks to for the pics.


  1. I am in physical pain from laughing so hard. Not so much *AT* this poor lady, for her I felt honest pity. Then you had the audacity to throw down DISTENDED-LIPS-LOL.JPG and the blowup doll picture, and I completely lost my shit. Howling screaming laughter. You practically deserve to be paid for the phat endorphin hit I just got.

    Clicking all of your ads now. :-D

  2. BAHAHAHA! When I scrolled down and this came on the screen, I actually