Sunday, September 19, 2010

A few good reasons not to go to the beach

But if you do go to the beach or the pool, make sure to put on your sunblock. Go to Google and type in melanoma, and then go to the images section. What you will see will scare the crap out of you. Malignant melanoma is EXTREMELY deadly. On a brighter note, check out the claws on that old woman. They look like velociraptor talons.

Speaking of melanoma, check out the new skin cancer awareness site Gym, Tan, Melanoma. The site sells dope t-shirts.

Thanks to & for one pic each. Thanks to for the artistic second to last pic with the blue swimsuit guy. If you know who made the comic, please comment with the source. Thnx. Laterz.


  1. Woah, the skinny lady on the beach bed!?!?!? i have seen MUMMIES with more flesh on their bones and less color!

  2. these people can't seriously think they are attractive.. jersey shore disgusting...

  3. Those are some damn good reasons..