Saturday, March 7, 2009

Welcome to Pale Is The New Tan!

Welcome! This site is the resulting backlash from fake and unnatural tans that started in the 90's and have carried on today. You will see pictures of freakishly bad spray tans and uneven bronzer applications, as well as crispy folks covered in malignant melanoma from years of sun damage. Fan submissions are always appreciated. Welcome to the site and enjoy!


  1. I had an idea for a blog like this last week,
    but I was going to call it "Tan Overboard".

    Good luck!

  2. What is so freakin' hilarious is these people all look like they think they are 'all that'. They don't have a clue how horrible they look.

  3. this is a brilliant initiative.
    it is like looking at a car crash but somehow these people are real.

  4. WOW. These pictures are hilarious. We all witness "this kind" on the bus: oompa-loompa-looking girls n guys, fake-baked far beyond any natural state of complexion. Often times, these beauty-victims go tanning (I am guilty as charged…) and then use cheap bronzer in an effort to enhance their artificial color (gasp!). You look silly. For me, there are two types of make up that are worth paying more for: foundation and bronzer. And I will only use Laura Geller "Bronze-N-Brighten," its a little expensive but it looks completely natural. Check out my blog on it:

  5. I do believe that non "fake" tans are just as bad.. if it's from a bottle than at least you're not damaging your skin. Tanning looks "fake" bc that's not the way their skin is naturally. It seems like a lot of these people use tanning booths..